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She had straggly, waist-length, dirty-blond hair, very pale eyebrows, and protuberant eyes that gave her a permanently surprised look.


One might tend to think that people who are oddly cute, immature and tend to daydream are less in touch with reality than others.

I believe that sometimes, maybe often, that these people might be more in touch with reality than anyone else.

Of course, it’s all a matter of…

And so I face the final curtain.

Alas, my friends, I say it dear.

I say the things of which I am certain.

I did it myyyyyyyyy…….wayyyyyyyyy.

Tan. Tan. Tan. Taaaaaaaan.

Well, it’s the last entry of the Nights.

(Which I am sure I have pretty much established with the…

Three entries to go.

I went to the bank yesterday and visited a tiny supermarket on the way too.

The whole thing was strange. Lots of cars and people everywhere, like things had gone back to normal. Just one simple difference.

The masks. Like everyone had just adapted to wearing…

Sharat Jacob Jacob

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