DAY 38(&9) — Dreams

For new comers, this is the 38th entry of my diary so you aren’t gonna understand anything.

Or you might.


Try reading the first one.

I have had very weird strange dreams.

You ever have those?

Of course, everyone has the falling into a pit and waking up style.

That one’s terrifying.

I have a few favorites among my word dreams.

One of my most precious ones was when I was much younger.

I rode a bicycle very fast.

Like seriously fast.

So fast that it took me up into the clouds.

(They hadn’t taught us physics in school yet.)

When I was up in the clouds, I looked down and said very calmly,


Being a genius, I let go of the bicycle I was riding to go higher.

At this point, gravity decided to get back the boy who had cheated it and I began to fall.

As I fell, I noticed I was headed right for the Pacific Ocean.

At this point, people usually ask me,

“How did you know it was the Pacific Ocean?”

And it’s kinda simple, to be honest.

The words “Pacific Ocean” were written in block letters over it.

Anyway, as I was falling, I woke up.

What a disappointment.

They say that happens cause the brain doesn’t know what happens after you die.


My dreams had a habit of fitting in the alarm clock into the dreams.

So therefore I wouldn’t wake up since it was perfectly natural.

So instead I got one of the round clocks you smack on the top because the shrill sound is hard to fit into any dream.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.




So annoying.

The smacking was more than warranted.

I placed it far away to ensure I would wake up and walk across to switch it off.

Oh the dream of that night.

I was in my house. I decided to boil an egg, which let me tell you, I had never done in real life. That should have been the first clue.

As I boiled the egg, it began to beep.

Yes, the egg.

I stood there watching it beep because it’s such a perfectly natural thing for an egg to do.

After a while, I realised, Omg it’s the alarm, and ran to the bedroom to where I was sleeping.

At this point, I woke up.

Stupid old alarm clock.

Then a few years later, I read about lucid dreaming, the practice of controlling your dreams.

It sounded so cool to me.

Apparently first you have to become conscious that you are dreaming.

Few more weeks later, I had a dream that I met Steve Jobs near my house. I was so excited since I had written an informative speech about him the previous week in real life.

He showed me this whole new revolutionary technology that Apple was going to release in the coming.

(I cry internally because for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was except that it was red and had something to do with water. )

(Don’t you dare suggest fire extinguishers/hydrants! )

Anyway, I asked to click a picture with him and he agreed.

He gave me a glare when I took out my Lumia(Microsoft) phone.

Naturally right then, the phone crashed.

Smirking, Steve Jobs walked away telling to call him when it started working again.

I glanced at the phone screen.

The whole thing was glitching like an AI that had taken over like in the movies.

As I stared it, the end of my speech came to my mind. I had finished it off with the details of Steve Jobs death.

But I had just spoken to him.

This was a dream.

I looked around.

My dream.

I could control it.

I looked back at the screen.

Willed it to work again and the glitch stopped.

Don’t remember the rest of the dream, sadly.

I think I took a picture with him, though.

The only dream after that I remember mildly lucid controlling was where I drove a truck off a skyscraper and surviving the trip by jumping out halfway.

(Don’t even ask.)

I never did attempted it again though.

Because my over creative brain took revenge.

It designed the most annoying dream possible.

I went to sleep that night very peacefully.

I got up to my mom yelling at me to wake up.

Drowsy, with half open eyes, I walked all the way to the washroom and began to brush my teeth.

I then woke up to my mom yelling at me.

Annoyed and drowsy, I walked over to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Then I woke up again.

Hence no more attempts at lucid dreaming.


That’s it for today.

I am gonna sleep.

Maybe I should add a fun fact.

You know, just there.

About why we use an asterisk to correct words when we text them.

See, what I know of it is,

It is because….

Never mind.

Good night.



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Sharat Jacob Jacob

Sharat Jacob Jacob

Writer | Artist | Person

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