DAY 44(&5) — I Heard A Rumor

You ever be the person introducing the other person at an important occasion? Like an MC?

Sometimes you can have fun with it.

I know some actual great introductions that happened in real life.

Here are a few,

“The role of an MC is to sound so dumb that the subsequent speakers sound bright in comparison. However, looking at the list of speakers tonight, I don’t think I can do it.”

Another one.

“This next speaker is the man about whom President Ronald Reagan said, “ Who?” ”

Another one.

“Rumor has it the next speaker made straight A’s throughout high school and college. Rumor has it that he was the captain of the basketball team five consecutive years. Rumor has it that he is quite popular with the ladies. Now introducing the next speaker, the man who started all these rumors.”

That one’s my favorite.

Do you think if you got a chance to read your parents diary when they were your age, you would?

You know, just to get a glimpse of their mindset.

It would be interesting, right?

I think I would love to do it.

I don’t know why, but quarantine keeps getting me hung on parenting.

I was wondering that if I gave my son/daughter my diary when they are about my age, if they would disagree as much as children and parents tend to do. Maybe they wouldn’t find me as unreasonable.

I don’t know.

Who knows?

No one knows.

Have I ever told you my nickname?

Not from friends.

From that which we hold dear and apart.


There’s an unspoken rule that it’s much best when you name your kids, you name them with a syllable at the end.

Like Serina, Salma, Synthia, etc

Because when you call them out, you want the name to carry out.

Best put a lot of vowels in the name.

It’s annoying if you have names that just end abruptly or monosyllabic names.

Like Ruth, Tom, and much more.

My name has two vowels. Mom still added a third one though.

Sharat became, after a while, Sharathoo, which over the years evolved into a much simpler Chathu (cha-thoo) .

On the other hand, my mom wakes me up by yelling Sharathey, which over the years transformed into the despicable, disgusting, horrific, unmentionable, Chathe (cha-they).

In case, you didn’t know, that’s Malayalam for “he’s dead”(in my case).

The last thing you want in the morning is a grown woman yelling about your death.

It’s not pleasant, at all.

Its a feeling akin to trying to dig into your bed and hoping no one finds you.

I am tired.

And annoyed.

Online Classes are sucking the life out of me.

And I wonder what I have done wrong in my life to deserve this.

I protest.



On the other hand, getting annoyed about it with classmates is just wonderful.

Brings classroom memories.

I am wearing a t-shirt that says, “AIM HIGH.”

Most people end up reading it as, “I’M HIGH.”

They don’t disagree with either though.


I have a question.

Do you think that we see a lot of negative news everyday?

Like not just now, even in the pre-COVID era.

And that access to all the negative information over a long period of time desensitizes us?

Or are we perfectly alright?

Will we turn out exactly the same?

Am I asking too many big questions?

Should I just go back to interviewing cats and dogs?

They were fun.

I miss cats and dogs.

Adorable animals.

I want a hamster.

And a parrot.

And a bunny.

Pet rant.

I saw two beautiful films recently.

The Truman Show and The Pursuit of HappyNess.

Both quite heartwarming.

They are very different films.

I suppose that’s what makes them outstanding in their genres.

Lol, I should give a try at writing movie reviews.


I might end up giving five stars for every film because it’s so much hard work even if they did a bad job of it.

Oh, did you guys know there are D movies and F movies?

It’s like the coolest thing ever.

Basically, D movies are bad movies. Hence the ‘D' grade. They were created just to make big bucks. Acting is lacklustre. Everything is quite frankly horrible.

But ‘F' movies, my gosh.

They are the worst. But the thing is, you see, the difference between D and F is, D is not studying for the exam and copying and scrambling almost enough marks to pass whilst F is exactly 0 marks on the paper.

F movies have people who gave their best at acting. The whole film is 100% effort. Every decision taken is with full sincerity and horrific judgement.

And overall, every single person involved within the film believe they are making something truly wonderful.

Like the not so recent “Cats”?

Remember that tragedy?

The film that destroyed the physical sense of sight for many.

The reviews were the best I have ever read in my entire lifetime.

“Cats.Going to the Dogs.”

“I am not much of a cat person. After seeing this, I am not sure I am much of a movie person either.”

And so much more if you just google them up.

Point is, people also try to search and find F movies to watch.

Only 21 films have got an ‘F' grade.

Anyway, I am closing it for today.

One last spot of news remains on the table.

I heard a rumor.

One of the people I love, a constant enemy out to thwart me, an extreme pyscho, someone as crazy as me and a delightful human being is arriving on the third of July.

My Mother.

Start praying.

Good night.

On a side note, I have compiled 14 of my diary entries into a singular tiny book on Wattpad.I did this so that people can binge read them more easily. I find that people who don’t read my diary regularly and do read an entry when they get the chance don’t read another because it’s too much effort to go to the next link. Quite frankly, I agree. So if you would be interested in helping me share the first fourteen entries of my diary, just dm me. I would be delighted to give you the link. Share with anyone you think might enjoy reading them, doesn’t have to necessarily know me.




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