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Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more.

Real is something of this world.

Unreal is something that couldn’t exist in this world.

Ethereal is something that is beyond this world.

It’s my sister’s birthday today.

We did the whole thing with cake and wishes.

My mother and father made videos spending time and effort to wish their daughter far away. My mother spent the rest of the day fishing up old albums and we took a journey back into the fields of nostalgia.

It was a happy day.

Isn’t it particularly nice when sometimes to be happy, truly all that you need is people that you love and care about to be there.

Sometimes I think that I would be content in a room by myself, with a bed and a table, three meals a day, left to my own business.

People are hard to navigate. Some people do it naturally, some find it difficult and some prefer not to do it at all. It’s a very delicate affair. That’s the beauty of having friends, I guess.

When you meet someone for the first time, there are so many social conventions to abide by. And it annoys me so. So I just keep quiet and listen to them when I meet them initially.

A silent boy, wearing glasses, with light-brown eyes who just nods and agrees timidly to what you say.

Something about introverts. You always feel tempted to adopt them.

Lots of people adopted me over time and were horrified when I began to speak.

I adopted lots of people and they came along, smiling silently (might have been forced smiles).

Some people say that emotions are just a set of biochemical reactions but I believe the contrary. (Feel free to disagree) I personally believe there’s something more, an intrinsic quality that can’t be nailed down to just chemicals floating around muscles, veins and nerves. There’s a particularly beautiful thought experiment that I mentioned in one of my short stories, Some Things In Life.

A friend of mine wrote a pretty poem today. It’s about the simple things in life that bring us joy.

One of the nice things in it is “waiting to tell good news that nobody yet knows”.

And that is such a beautiful thing to be in possession of.

The moment when you tell them and you see their reactions.

There’s this beautiful movie called Gifted starring Chris Evans, where he plays an uncle by the name of Frank, to this young seven-year-old adorable girl, Mary, who is a math prodigy.

There’s this wonderful scene that he brings her to a hospital to show her something and they sit in a waiting room. There are a bunch of people huddled outside the operation theatre with worried expressions on their face. Frank and Mary wait for a period of time. Then suddenly a man pops out of the operation theatre and happily tells the group, “It’s a girl.” They jump up and down in joy. As Mary watches them in delight, Frank tells her, “When you were born, I was the man who told the group.” Then at Mary’s request, they spend the rest of the day at the hospital watching different groups of people being told the same thing and Mary joins them when they hop up and down in joy.

Most of the people in my life that I had the fortune to know were delightful ones. Specially the people that I had the chance to grow up with.

Mi Familia. The true humans exotique. Sometimes you can spend so much time with people with your souls pressed together that when they leave, there’s a them-sized gap left. True for everyone who walks in and out of your life.

I have spent five months holed up with my sister and my grandparents. And despite everything and how I want this period of time over with, leaving this place is going to be strange and I will be left wistful by the time I spent here.

People are funny and strange. Sometimes no matter what happens, they are precious. Time runs out. And the people we have, we hug more tightly.

Spending time with people around you is a very strange feeling.

And that feeling is just ethereal.

Don’t worry, I’m perfectly alright. :)

Good night.

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