NIGHT 5 —A Trip Down Memory Lane

“Turkeys were once worshipped like gods, Napoleon was attacked by a horde of bunnies, Mary actually had a little lamb and ketchup was distributed as medicine. And when I tell my kids other unbelievable but true facts about history, I want “women treated lower than men” to be at the top of that list. I want my kids to be surprised and shocked as they will hopefully live in a society that will view inequality as an impossibility.”

These are the famous starting lines of, apparently, an article that I wrote regarding woman inequality.


I have had a thing for stories and real-life examples for like ever since I remember. Words, no matter how beautiful, can often drift over a person, like a tidal wave flowing over someone swimming in the deep.

It’s hard to keep someone’s attention with anything else. A story always remains fresh in a certain sense, irrespective of medium.

I know people who would happily read the same book multiple times, watch the same movie a million times, listen to the same song on a loop, over and over again, and never get bored.

I think it’s because in a way, we all live up in our heads.

And no one ever enters your head. Only you reside there with your thoughts, ideas and your imagination prowling around like a curious puppy with boundless energy ,waiting to embrace every single thing, give it a lick, knock it over and toss it around.

But the puppy is always lonely because you literally can’t let a real person in to play with it.

Enter Stories.

Swishing your wand with Harry Potter and walked with him into Hogwarts, fighting gods, demigods and giants with Percy Jackson, fighting with District 13 alongside Katniss Everdeen, snooping around with the Secret Seven, the Five Find-outers, the Famous Five, going through Tinkle and plotting with Tantri the Mantri, watching with giggles Kapish fool Doob Doob and Chamataka, marvelling at Kalia the crow’s genius, die of laughter at Suppandi’s antics, the puppy happily enjoyed itself.

Then the puppy grew into a teenage dog, put on its thinking glasses and watched in horror as Harry went searching for the Horcruxes, watch as Percy, Leo, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Hazel all tried to save Olympus, walked with Hastings as he watched Hercule Poirot unearth clues out of nowhere, tried to deduce as Sherlock did but stayed as befuddled as Watson.

Some of us dogs deigned to wear Victorian attire and peered through the classics as HG Wells sent one man through time and made another invisible, got shook by the tale of David Copperfield, watched Oliver Twist ask for more soup, laughed at the antics of the Canterville ghost.

Some of us dogs watched movies and our minds were captured by the visuals as men and women soared through space, dreams, time, life and death and wondered at what would be of us as the years passed us by.

Some of us dogs popped on some music and got lost in the the world of music as emotions washed over us and logic was suspect.

Then we grew up.

Gosh, time just flies by. May seem like a cheesy thing to say but doesn’t it make any less true.

I am gonna go read a book.

So that’s it for today.


(Also, apparently I am the only person who can’t lift up their ring finger in the manner I mentioned yesterday. So a heartfelt thankyou to all my dear friends who took a moment to tell me of the full functionality of their fingers. From the bottom of my heart, I am jealous.)


I am not all there.



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